Criminal Defense For Embezzlement Charges

There are many ways fraud, embezzlement, or other financial crimes could have occurred. Often the person who diverted money from a business or a church fund was under financial or emotional stress or was fighting an addiction. Sometimes the embezzlement was done innocently, with every intent of returning the money later. Other times it was done purposefully.

Embezzlement and employee theft is a felony crime and you could be facing substantial prison time. There is only one way to handle the problem you now face. Contact a criminal defense attorney at the Washington, D.C. Law Offices of G. Allen Dale.

G. Allen Dale has more than 45 years of experience and a proven track record of successfully representing people charged with or under investigation for white collar crimes such as embezzlement and theft.

Early Intervention Can Change The Situation Completely

There may be obvious signs that you are being investigated for embezzlement or corporate theft prior a charge being brought against you. If you think you are being investigated, it is certainly not too early to call a lawyer. In fact, bringing in an attorney during the investigation stage may even prevent charges.

Criminal defense lawyer G. Allen Dale will work to resolve your case even before an indictment. Whenever possible, we work behind the scenes to prove that charges are incorrect or to negotiate acceptable alternatives to police and prosecutor action.

If a trial is ultimately necessary, you will be represented by a defense lawyer who is widely recognized for his skills in federal and state court.

Strategic Defense For Embezzlement Charges

Many people charged with embezzlement are valuable contributors to their family and community. We make sure the prosecutor, judge, and jury understand our clients, their challenges and gifts, and the loss to the community that jail time would bring. Other options may be available that would be more appropriate for someone charged with stealing money, which may include restitution, drug or gambling rehabilitation, community service and probation.

In the area of white collar crime, our firm receives many referrals from other attorneys who have confidence in our ability to handle complex cases. When you need a strong defense, contact attorney G. Allen Dale