Appeals & Post-Conviction Relief

Washington, D.C., Criminal Appeals Attorney

In a legal career spanning more than 45 years, criminal defense attorney G. Allen Dale has made his name by obtaining favorable outcomes for thousands of clients in high-profile criminal cases.

Mr. Dale’s dedication and firm grasp of the legal process has allowed him to succeed in appealing convictions and in obtaining post-conviction relief for clients. If you strongly believe that you received ineffective legal defense in your original case or the judge made a mistake in the application of the law, if a witness recanted and removed the only evidence against you, the prosecutor committed misconduct, or you were deprived of your constitutional rights, contact the Law Offices of G. Allen Dale today.

At any point in the process, a skilled defense attorney can have an impact on the outcome of a case by:

  • Challenging the process or outcome of a trial and moving for a new trial or for acquittal
  • Negotiating an alternative sentence rather than jail or prison, or a reduced sentence
  • Appealing the case to a state or federal circuit court, even all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court

Our Appellate Services

At the Law Office of G. Allen Dale, we represent people with a strong basis for appeal of the conviction itself. Often we did not handle their original case and they are looking for a different criminal defense attorney — one such as G. Allen Dale — with strong experience in appeals and other post-conviction relief measures, such as

  • Rule 35 motions
  • Section 2255 motions
  • Habeas corpus petitions
  • Negotiated sentence reductions
  • Sealing and/or expungement of criminal records

The opportunity to seek a sentence reduction can also arise when sentencing guidelines are changed, as they were for some crack cocaine-related offenses. Sentence reduction is not automatic, even if the law changes – action on your part is required. Mr. Dale has succeeded in numerous sentencing appeals targeted at reductions in fines or prison terms.

What Can You Achieve with Post-Conviction Relief?

In some cases, it is possible to get released from prison or to get a new trial. It will depend upon the facts of your case.

Whether your case was tried in District of Columbia superior court or a federal court, turn to a trustworthy, top-tier defense and appeals lawyer. Contact the Law Offices of G. Allen Dale.