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Quality Defense Against Serious Criminal Charges

“The next Edward Bennett Williams” is how now-retired U.S. District Judge Stanley Sporkin described Washington, D.C., criminal defense attorney G. Allen Dale.

Criminal defense has been G. Allen Dale‘s calling and professional passion since his work for Senator Sam Ervin Jr. on the Watergate Committee and his subsequent Georgetown University Law Center years. He began practicing law in 1977, primarily concentrating on cases involving murder, drug, theft and assault allegations.

Throughout an extremely active career spanning the ’80s, ’90s and our current decade, Mr. Dale has received many accolades and been perennially recognized for excellence as a trial lawyer. He has handled numerous high-profile cases involving “celebrity” clients, politicians, athletes and others charged with public corruption or federal government investigation, where saving the client’s reputation is as important as winning the case. In addition, he has provided legal commentary for Court TV and many local television and radio stations covering political corruption trials.

A Proven Lawyer For Resourceful, Aggressive Representation

In recent years, a substantial focus of Mr. Dale’s renowned criminal defense practice has been defending people accused of white collar crimes — including misuse of government facilities, wire fraud and other felonies prosecuted in the federal court system. He also continues to handle a broad range of other federal and District of Columbia court cases.

If you are under investigation by the U.S. government for any type of wrongdoing, it is essential to involve a top-caliber defense attorney with a wealth of relevant experience as soon as possible. G. Allen Dale fits this description impeccably.

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