Corporate / White Collar Crimes

Renowned Defender For White Collar Crime Suspects

Many people facing federal investigations and potential white collar crime charges are extremely concerned about protecting their family and their reputation. Allegations of workplace-related wrongdoing are shocking to family, friends and people who know the accused. It’s common to hear: “I never dreamed (he or she) could be involved in anything illegal.”

At the Law Offices of G. Allen Dale we try, whenever possible, to seek resolution to white collar crime cases even before indictment. If a trial is ultimately necessary, you will be represented by a defense lawyer with more than 45 years of experience, who is widely recognized for his skills in federal and state court.

In the area of white collar crime, our firm receives many referrals from other attorneys who have confidence in our ability to handle extremely complex cases or those that involve multiple defendants. When you need a strong defense, contact us.

Quality Representation Of Government Officials And Corporate Professionals

Washington, D.C.-based attorney G. Allen Dale is a proven defender of individuals under government investigation for white collar crimes such as:

An Attorney Who Knows Both Federal Law And Business Practices

Mr. Dale provides capable defense for government employees, corporate employees and licensed professionals. He presents legal options and potential consequences in clear terms. He also speaks the language of business and is quick to understand the nuances and pressures of a specific industry or corporate environment.

Many complex federal statutes may apply to your case – and mandatory federal sentencing guidelines are also likely to apply. It is essential to work with a lawyer who understands these laws, as well as how they are most often interpreted and applied by federal judges.

Internal Investigations

Our firm also conducts internal corporate investigations on behalf of companies who are being defrauded or individuals accused of wrongdoing. Attorney G. Allen Dale is adept at uncovering critical facts, pursuing the right leads and eliciting information from key individuals.

Please contact us for a consultation. You can depend on receiving sound and informed counsel. When Mr. Dale represents you expect an all-out effort to resolve your case as favorably as possible.