Internal Corporate Investigations

Washington, D.C., Attorney Investigates Business Crimes

Attorney G. Allen Dale‘s strong background in criminal defense at the federal level has included involvement in numerous cases of white collar financial wrongdoing. This experience equips our law offices well to discover and confront whoever is responsible for missing funds or other assets in your organization.

Probing For Loss Identification, Fraud And Misconduct

If you are a business owner or professional practice stakeholder who suspects corruption within your organization — or an attorney in need of an effective and penetrating, investigation of such a matter — contact us at the Law Offices of G. Allen Dale. Our internal corporate investigations experience extends to cases of:

  • Employees with access to corporate funds diverting money to friends or associates in fraudulent transactions
  • Groups of doctors and other professionals in need of loss identification to determine where the practice’s operating capital or profits are going

Alignment With Your Goals As An Owner Or Stakeholder

We know that many business owners’ and leaders’ highest priority in such internal corporate investigations is to stop the costly illegal activity and recover funds if possible. Simply stated, you may be more concerned with compensation and a “clean house” than with retribution and punishment of the offender.

Case-Building And Assertive Confrontation To Resolve Your Problem

Who better than a proven, respected federal trial lawyer to find facts and assemble evidence in a case of embezzlement, fraud or other corporate misconduct? G. Allen Dale is a case builder, highly capable of demonstrating that evidence against an offender is airtight and serious consequences are inevitable. He will call on top-quality accounting experts and others with specialized knowledge as necessary, targeting the answers and outcome you want to achieve.

Our law offices have successfully represented corporations, executives and government officials in grand jury investigations — and we will bring that same level of diligence and tenacity to your internal probe. We will act in alignment with your goals, and with discretion and sensitivity to minimize disruption of your business.

If your business or professional practice is leaking funds and you need answers, please contact the Law Offices of G. Allen Dale for a productive consultation.