Firm Overview

Washington, D.C., Area Criminal Defense Attorney

G. Allen Dale is an independent attorney with an excellent, decades-long track record. Our law offices have the outstanding resources required to take on high-stakes criminal cases and complex corporate investigations.

Mr. Dale’s reputation began to grow when he handled a number of prominent, media-worthy cases in the 1980s. It continues to flourish today as our law offices consistently deliver results-focused advocacy for a wide range of valued clients. If you are facing serious criminal charges or are under investigation by a government authority for any type of fraud or misconduct, we encourage you to contact the Law Offices of G. Allen Dale.

A Well-Known Attorney Who Has Earned His Reputation

You may be able to benefit from representation by the criminal defense attorney widely profiled and lauded for his capable representation of clients such as:

  • Karen Johnson — in her fight to resist testifying in the trial of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry
  • Robert Luongo — who was acquitted of all charges related to carrying the pistol Jack Ruby used to kill alleged JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Brian Mooar — a Washington Post reporter who sued the District of Columbia after being assaulted by police officers
  • Joanne O’Rourke — a U.S. House of Representatives employee also charged in the abuse of power case involving Congressman Dan Rostenkowski

Full-Service, Conveniently Located Office In Washington, D.C.

The Law Offices of G. Allen Dale is an excellent setting for discreet, private consultations or larger meetings. No white collar crime case or internal corporate investigation is too complex or challenging, as we will call on proven co-counsel, dedicated experts in a vast range of fields, along with other key resources your situation demands. Mr. Dale’s office is also well-equipped to defend you if you have been accused of drug distribution or trafficking, a sex crime or other serious act.

We Want You To Make The Right Choices For Your Future

Many clients come to G. Allen Dale on referral from family, friends, business associates or other lawyers. This is often the best gauge of an attorney’s integrity and ability to deliver results.

Beyond the celebrity case success and address, you can contact us for in-depth knowledge of the law and our courts, along with genuine passion for winning your case. Mr. Dale provides a free initial consultation on many matters, enabling you to make an informed choice of counsel.