Internet Crimes

Washington, D.C., Internet Crimes Defense Attorney

The Internet has evolved far beyond its originally intended purpose as a source of academic information and forum for communication. As it has become ever more prominent in business settings, interstate commerce and other areas of daily life, our federal government has intensified efforts to enforce a broad range of Internet crimes.

The broad term “Internet Crime” can cover a lot of territory, from accessing child pornography to identity theft and a full range of online scams. Most Internet crimes are federal offenses — handled by sharp federal prosecutors and punishable with lengthy prison sentences. If you are under investigation for any criminal activity involving the Internet, or you are now facing charges, we encourage you to contact us at the Law Offices of G. Allen Dale.

Pornography — Solicitation — Identity Theft — Fraud — Online Scams

Attorney G. Allen Dale has decades of experience in high-stakes criminal defense and devotes most of his energies to federal cases. He has the knowledge and skill to handle your case involving:

  • Alleged workplace misconduct, including using government computers to access child pornography or commit financial crimes
  • Use of the Internet to view or purvey illegal pornography, solicit prostitution or commit other sex offenses
  • Illegal “hacking” or otherwise accessing financial and personal information to commit crimes, including identity theft and credit card fraud
  • Mortgage fraud or other types of Internet scams — including check scams, marketing scams and “phishing” for private data

Many people charged with Internet crimes discover that their activities have been monitored for lengthy periods as the FBI or other government authorities built an extensive case against them. Often, sting operations include enticements that take advantage of the government’s broad latitude in pursuing these cases. You may have been actively solicited to view illegal pornography, or invited to participate in activity crossing state lines, for example.

Internet Crimes Call For A Proven Trial Lawyer And Effective Negotiator

If you are innocent or have a basis for a strong defense, experienced criminal defense attorney G. Allen Dale is highly capable of building your case for dismissal or acquittal at trial. When the government’s evidence against you is strong, he will negotiate assertively with prosecutors to achieve damage control in accordance with your personal situation. Please contact us now for trustworthy, effective counsel.