Theft / Property Crimes

Washington, D.C., Attorney For Theft Or Fraud Defense

Renowned defense attorney G. Allen Dale defends men and women facing all types of criminal charges, including the most serious felony indictments for offenses like drug/narcotics sales, sex offenses, arson and murder. He has extensive experience handling a full range of serious theft and property crime cases — including grand larceny, corporate fraud, embezzlement and Internet crimes.

Our practice is focused on District of Columbia and federal cases, including many prosecuted in the federal courts of Maryland and Virginia. We aggressively and resourcefully defend people accused of fraud and other white collar crimes, as well as more “traditional” theft and property crimes. Please contact us today to request a consultation on your specific legal problem.

Larceny — Fraud — Corporate And Internet Financial Crimes

Mr. Dale has built a track record of success in high-profile, high-stakes cases and a widespread reputation for advocacy that gets results. Our law office is well-equipped to negotiate on your behalf or fight for you at trial in cases involving:

  • Grand larceny
  • Selling stolen property
  • Tax avoidance/evasion and illegally transporting goods across state lines
  • Embezzlement from the government, a corporation or a private employer
  • Business accounting fraud, wire fraud and other workplace financial/property crimes
  • Credit card fraud, or false use of a financial instrument

In Negotiations Or At Trial, Depend On Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights

We have successfully negotiated acceptable consequences — such as restitution, community service and diversion programs — for defendants in white collar cases and those involving other types of theft. Mr. Dale has mounted successful defense cases through complete investigation, disproving witness statements, contesting the admissibility of key evidence and making use of technical points of law.

We direct our efforts to helping you avoid an indictment or trial if possible, but are equally capable of building a strong defense and winning in the courtroom. If your theft or other property crime case calls for a proven trial lawyer recognized by his peers for excellence, we encourage you to contact the Law Offices of G. Allen Dale today.