Narcotics / Drug Offenses

Proven Defender For D.C. And Federal Drug Charges

Conviction on even a “minor” drug offense can have devastating, far-reaching consequences — not only costing the defendant jail time, but often severely impeding education and employment prospects. Federal drug offenses — whether involving conspiracy, high-level trafficking or lesser acts of possession, sale and transport — carry mandatory prison sentences.

Washington, D.C., attorney G. Allen Dale has been providing quality representation for people accused of drug offenses since 1977. No case is too complex or challenging for our law offices. To take an important step for protecting your own rights or the future of a loved one, please contact us about your drug case today.

Dedicated Defense, From Drug Possession To Trafficking Charges

Mr. Dale will apply decades of experience when defending you on drug charges. He is familiar with a wide range of technical defenses that may arise out of how you are investigated, arrested, charged and prosecuted. His capable work in negotiating with prosecutors and building cases for acquittal at trial extends to cases involving:

  • Possession, distribution, intent to distribute, sale, manufacture, trafficking or conspiracy
  • A full range of illegal narcotics and controlled substances including marijuana, crack and powder cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, Ecstasy, prescription drugs such as OxyContin and Vicodin, and many others
  • Narcotics matters charged and prosecuted in either District of Columbia or federal courts
  • Other criminal charges, including federal offenses, that you may also face after a drug arrest

G. Allen Dale is a lawyer with the skill and resources to handle your defense, whether the case involves a large distribution ring or a single college student facing possession charges. We will align our approach with your goals, seeking reduced consequences and diversion programs if appropriate, or fighting for your rights aggressively in court.

Act quickly to get the capable defense representation you need. Call the Law Offices of G. Allen Dale at 202-638-2900 or send us an e-mail to request a consultation.